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Burghotel Alpenglühn Gurgl
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The origin of the Burghotel Alpenglühn

A journey back in time to the origins... 

How it all began...

In 1973 Franz Josef Gufler (senior boss Seppl) bought a plot of land in his birthplace of Obergurgl, in the district of Pill. He wanted to use it to realise his dream of owning his own house one day. On 25.01.1975 he meets a young au pair girl from England - Rosemarie - in the Skihaserl Keller in Obergurgl. With Rosemarie, his dream of building his own house was to come true. In the spring of 1976, the shell of the house was erected with the help of many ski instructors and colleagues. The following year was very turbulent. In addition to the completion of the house, Rosemarie and Seppl's civil wedding took place in May 1977. Only 6 days later, daughter Berta was born. The church wedding followed in August and on 03.12.1977 the bed and breakfast "Haus Alpenglühn" was opened. Only one year later, in autumn 1978, son Daniel was born.


"There is no substitute for hard work." - T. A. Edison

In the years 1978 to 1991, hard work was done, sometimes day and night. In 1982, the future of the bed and breakfast was very uncertain due to high interest rates on loans. But with a lot of hard work Rosi and Seppl managed to get through the difficult times. In the summer of 1990, big plans were made to expand the Alpenglühn house. The plan to turn the 21-bed bed and breakfast into a 43-bed hotel with half board was stopped by the bank in 1990. 


"All dreams can come true if we have the courage to follow them." - Walt Disney

In 1991, the plan of a hotel became a reality. From May to December, the small guesthouse became a hotel. On 05.12.1991 the "Hotel-Pension Alpenglühn" was inaugurated with a birthday party of a regular guest. In the years that followed, the Hotel Alpenglühn was a two-season operation. The idea of half board proved to be very successful.


Big changes...

As with many houses, we also had weak points. The main entrance was not suitable for the Gurgler weather conditions. Together with a regular guest from Ulm, a new porch was planned late in the evening. This was built in the summer of 1997. This conversion was the first step towards becoming a "Burghotel". Rosemarie and Seppl decided to make the hotel more eye-catching on the outside. So a year later, a painter was commissioned to give the hotel its castle character. The shutters, the battlements and the eagle were painted on the previously empty walls. This was the starting signal for our current name "Burghotel Alpenglühn".



In 2001, grandchild Michelle was born and daughter-in-law Petra became an energetic support in the hotel. Our Villa Michelle was built. In the following years, renovations and small reconstruction measures were carried out again and again. Be it renovated hotel rooms in 2000/2001 or the new sauna and a garage with a supplier entrance in 2007. In 2010 the second grandchild Gino was born. Due to the shortage of seating, an additional dining room with buffet was built in 2012. A new hotel entrance with a lift to the ski cellar followed in 2014. This renovation and conversion work was continued in all subsequent years.


40 years of Burghotel Alpenglühn

In 2017, Rosi and Seppl could hardly believe what they had achieved in the last 40 years. Pride prevails, even today. From the former dream of their own house, a hotel was created with a lot of hard work.


The present and the future... 

In 2018, Rosi and Seppl took their well-deserved retirement and built a small house in Längenfeld. Son Daniel has taken over the hotel business there with his partner Petra. A lot has happened since then. All remaining rooms have been renewed and renovated. The bar and dining rooms have been given a new design. Daniel has founded the Snow Magic ski school for hotel guests. A look into the future promises: We never stand still and want to make your stay even more pleasant.